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Hippovibe is the all in one tool when it comes to managing horses in the easiest way possible
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Revolutionize the way you work in the stable

Clear horse overview

With Hippovibe you have all the important information of your horses at one place.
  • Have a clear overview of all your horses
  • Store the pedigree, owner, videos etc.
  • Share information about your horses with others
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Iphone Mockup Hippovibe Statistics

Create task lists

Create the daily plan from anywhere to organise your horses and your team optimally
  • Make sure your team always knows what to do
  • Create the plan whenever and wherever you want
  • Access training statistics from the past

Keep a digital
health record

Access all health-relevant information about your horses at one central place
  • Create a health record with all past treatments, vaccinations, shoeings and dewormings
  • Have an overview of what's coming up next for each horse
  • Get reminded of due vaccinations etc.
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Iphone Mockup Hippovibe Show Calender

Create a show plan

Use the calendar to plan your shows, riding lessons or any other event
  • All important information of shows and other events are centrally accessible for everyone
  • A clear overview, so that no misunderstandings arise
  • Every team member is always up-to-date

More features

File & video management

Save all kinds of files, such as videos, x-rays, scans or invoices of your horses and create a separate playlist and folder structure for each horse.

Share horse information

The Share Horse Information feature allows you to share key information such as age, pedigree, videos and the link to results pages with potential customers or owners.

Feeding plan

Create a clear feeding plan for your horses and easily update the plan when needed.

Horse groups

If you have a larger number of horses, you can create your own horse groups such as dressage horses, show jumpers, mares, stallions, foals etc. This way you can apply the filters and have the information displayed appropriately.

Individual access rights

The assignment of individual access rights means that not every user can see all information about your horses. For example, you can make medical and financial data accessible only to certain people.

Financial overview

Book your horses income and expenses to keep an overview of your horses financial situation.

Some questions.
Some answers.

How do I get started with Hippovibe?

To begin your journey with Hippovibe click on the “Get started” button here on the website. Simply create an account for free and start the 14 days trial period. After the 14 days you can decide if you like to continue managing your horses with our software or not.

Does the subscription start automatically after the trial period?

No. You decide actively if you wish to continue or not.

Who is Hippovibe made for?

Hippovibe is suitable for anyone who wants to manage their horses in a clearer and more professional way. Generally speaking the added value of the software is the greatest when several people are taking care of multiple horses. The more there is to be managed the more useful Hippovibe becomes.

How do I & my team learn how to work with Hippovibe?

You can find many tutorial videos on our YouTube channel and a help section in the application. Furthermore, our customer support team is available for you via chat or telephone. We are happy to give you a personal demo of the product and show you the best way to work
with our software.

How much does Hippovibe cost?

The price of the software depends on the number of horses you manage. The price starts at three euros per horse per month and is invoiced either quarterly or annually. You can find a price calculator here on our website.

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