The easiest way to create a feeding plan for your horses

In this article we explain how to create a feeding plan for your horses in the horse management app Hippovibe.

What you learn:

  • How to adjust the order of the horses
  • How to add a meal
  • How to make changes to the feeding plan
  • How to use the filter

Adjusting the order of the horse list

In the first step, click on the symbol with the two arrows to adjust the order of the horses. You change the order of the horse list by dragging and dropping the respective horse to the desired position.

The order of the horses in the feed plan should be the same as in the stable.

Add a meal

There are two ways to add a meal:

  1. Via the "Plus" symbol in the top right corner

   Here you have the possibility to create a meal for several horses at the same time.

   2. Via the "Plus" symbol to the right of the horse's name

   Use this option to quickly add several meals for one horse.

Add a new feeding product

By clicking on the button "Add product" you can add further products.

Specify the name of the product (e.g. "Marstall Pellets") and indicate whether it is a basic feed, a supplementary feed or a medicine. If you create a medicine, you can also indicate whether it is a doping-positive product and how long the withdrawal period is.


The filter is there so that you only see the horses in the list that you are currently feeding.

Example: You first feed the horses in the pensioner stable and then the horses in the sports stable. By creating a horse group "Stable" and a horse group "Pensioner stable", you can use the filter to show only the horses that you want to feed at that moment.  

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