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Stephex Stables - a digital pioneer in the equestrian world

As one of the world's leading trading stables Stephex Stables follows a modern path of digitisation: The stable management software Hippovibe determines the everyday life of the stable and is indispensable.

Why Stephex Stables has gone digital

Stephex was one of the first stables that digitalised the way they managed horses and is now using Hippovibe for already more than 6 years.

Hippovibe is the name of the solution the Belgian top stable trusts when it comes to the management of their horses. With its clear design and intuitive interface, Hippovibe has become the medium around which Stephex Stables' everyday life revolves. The stable management software enables the entire team to keep a digital overview of the training and health data of all horses. And this not only on promise and during working hours, but anytime and anywhere.

The entire Stephex team, from  riders to grooms to the veterinary and office staff, has their own access to Hippovibe - each team member has individually assigned access rights, so that certain information can only be viewed by specific employees.

Hippovibe can be downloaded as an app to any mobile phone or tablet and can also be operated from a computer. The Stephex riders use Hippovibe to keep track of their daily tasks. But also at shows at the other end of the world the training of the horses can be planned for the following week.

„Even when you’re away, you can keep everything under control.
It’s very easy.“

At the same time, Hippovibe is used in the office to store and maintain all data of all horses at one place.

Communication has not only become much easier between internal staff members, but also with external staff, such as veterinarians. „It’s easy for the vet, that she has the medical attachments, because she can talk about them to us inside the team but also to outsiders, for example other health providers.“

Unclear whiteboards or information from various channels are a thing of the past. Thanks to Hippovibe, Stephex Stables is working more efficient in and outside the stable.

If you are interested in managing your horses digitally too, simply start the trial period and test Hippovibe 14 days for free! 

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