Simplifying horse sales - Hippovibe’s collaboration with German Horse Center

Hippovibe's collaboration with German Horse Center simplifies the process of selling horses for professionals

At Hippovibe, we're all about making the horse world better, which is why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with German Horse Center.

Picture this: You're managing your stable with Hippovibe, and you realise it's time to sell one of your horses. Instead of navigating through different platforms or struggling with paperwork, you can now choose to work with German Horse Center - an organisation with more than 600 clients all over the world.

What's even better? When you sell a horse with German Horse Center and already have all the necessary information in Hippovibe, you can simply use the horse share feature to share those information with them – from pedigree to videos and photos.

German Horse Center also wants to make sure everyone involved - from riders to trainers to owners, is happy and successful. They choose their partners carefully and when it comes to negotionign prices, they work with full transparency, so everyone knows what they're getting.

Get in touch with Felix Klaphake now to learn more about a potential cooperation and check out the website for more information: German Horse Center

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