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Riding the digital wave at Gut Anstelburg

Victoria Lauff and Roel Holthuizen run a sports stable near Cologne and upgraded their management by going digital with Hippovibe - a specialised software that made their operations smoother and team collaboration easier

How Hippovibe is transforming horse management at Gut Anstelburg

Victoria Lauff and Roel Holthuizen jointly operate a sports, trading, and rehabilitation stable at Gut Anstelburg in Kerpen, near Cologne. The equestrian facility houses an average of 45 horses, all managed digitally using Hippovibe by six staff members.

Previously, the team relied on a whiteboard hung in the barn to organise their stable routines. However, the whiteboard became overwhelmed with tasks, causing challenges in managing the stable, particularly during periods when Lauff and Holthuizen were attending shows.

Given the division of the operation into a sports stable and a rehabilitation center, effective digital horse management is essential to ensure smooth daily operations and seamless collaboration across different areas.

Victoria Lauff recommends Hippovibe to both equestrian facilities and individual riders looking to simplify stable life through efficient digital horse management.

Hippovibe provides Gut Anstelburg's team with an optimal, cross-functional organisational and planning tool tailored specifically for digital horse management. Roel Holthuizen particularly appreciates Hippovibe for its ability to:

  • Access past training data digitally
  • Adjust daily schedules remotely from anywhere, at any time
  • Facilitate streamlined collaboration across the entire team through digital channels

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