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Olivier Philippaerts - successful as a family

In the equestrian world, family plays an indispensable role as a bedrock of support and shared passion. Incorporating software and technology further enhances this connection, facilitating seamless coordination and information sharing within the stable.

The Philippaerts family & Hippovibe - a success story

The Philippaerts family is one of the most successful show-jumping and trading stables in the world. The steadily growing family business, consisting of father Ludo, mother Veronique and their sons Olivier, Nicola, Thibault and Anthony, regularly participates at international shows and works with the stable management software from Hippovibe.

New horses and employees regularly join the team and it is not always easy to keep a clear overview. Philippaerts found a solution to collect all information of the stable. “Thanks to Hippovibe, we can keep everything under control in a simple way“, reports Olivier Philippaerts.

The business uses Hippovibe to track the health record of the horses. All data concerning the health of the horses is stored digitally at one central place.

„We know exactly when the veterinarian was there or will come back and what he did.“

The reminder function in particular is very popular in the stable of Philippaerts. The software notifies that a treatment needs te be done. Thus the management of vaccinations and other appointments of the horses has been simplified. This function is also used for the organization of the farrier. Both past and upcoming appointments can be clearly displayed.

Beside the health management the Philippaerts family organizes the training of their horses with Hippovibe. Since the brothers spend most of the year at international shows around the globe, it is not possible to write down information on a whiteboard on many days. Hippovibe makes it possible to access stable and horse data from anywhere and at any time and to send information and tasks to the team at home. A daily task plan is quickly created by the riders via the app and appears directly in the stable on a tablet.

Olivier Philippaerts sums up the core of the stable software: “Hippovibe makes our work easier and helps us to use our working time more effectively.“

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