Mobile Update - Manage your horses’ finances anywhere, anytime

How the new Hippovibe mobile feature allows you to manage your horses finances easily

Manage your horses’ finances anywhere, anytime

At Hippovibe, we're excited to announce a significant update to our software that brings enhanced financial management capabilities directly to your fingertips. With the launch of our new mobile finance feature, now available on the Hippovibe app, you can effortlessly track and note done the horses’ finances on the go.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of the equestrian community drives our continuous innovation. By extending our finance feature to the mobile app, we're empowering our users with unparalleled flexibility and accessibility in managing their horses' financial data.

With the mobile finance feature, you can easily record and categorise all income and expenses associated with your horses right from your smartphone. Whether it's logging competition winnings, veterinary or farrier invoices or training expenses, Hippovibe ensures that every financial transaction is tracked.

One of the key advantages of our mobile finance feature is its seamless integration with other modules within the app. Transitioning between tracking financial data and managing other aspects of horse care, such as health records, training schedules, and competition calendars, has never been easier.

"We're thrilled to bring our comprehensive finance feature to the Hippovibe mobile app, empowering our users to manage their horses’ finances with ease, whether they're at the stable, on the road, or at a competition" says Jonas Schmitz-Heinen, CEO of Hippovibe.

The mobile finance feature is now available to all Hippovibe users as part of the latest app update. Whether managing a single horse or an entire stable, Hippovibe's mobile finance feature offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility, ensuring that you can stay on top of your horses’ finances wherever your equestrian adventures take you.

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