How to manage your horses' health with Hippovibe

In this article we explain how you always have an overview of all treatments of your horses with the digital horse management software and how you never forget a vaccination again.

What you learn:

  • How to create a health record for each horse
  • How to keep track of all your upcoming health to do's

Create a health record

Hippovibe is the ideal tool to create a clear health history of your horses. This way you always have an overview of when the farrier was last there or which treatments your horses have had in the past.

There are two ways to view the health data:

1. Via the detail page of a horse

Here you will only see the health data of the selected horse.

2. Via the navigation item "Health"

This way you get an insight into the health data of all horses in your account.

How to create a new entry:

  • Go to the page "Health"
  • Click on "History" and then select what kind of entry you want to create (farrier, treatment, vaccination, deworming or breeding action)
  • Click on the plus in the top right-hand corner and select the horses for which you would like to make the entry

Don't forget upcoming vaccinations etc.

There are two ways to add new upcoming health to do's:

1. After creating an entry in the health history

After you have completed the entry, you will be asked if you would like to schedule the next shoeing, treatment, vaccination, etc. right away.

2. Via the plus in the tab "Upcoming"

You can also add a new upcoming to do by clicking on the plus in the upper right corner.

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