How to get started with your Hippovibe Account

Get started to set up your account. In two easy steps your account is ready to go.

Step 1 - Add your horses

First, add your horses. To do so, go to the navigation item horses and click on the plus in the top right corner.

Next decide whether you want to add a foal or a horse.

After making your choice you can add various information like date of birth, pedigree and gender. Of course you can always make changes or add more information at a later date.

Step 2 - Add additional users

Users are people who should also have access to your Hippovibe account and with whom you manage the horses together.

Via the navigation item "More" at the bottom right you get to the area users. Click on the plus in the upper right corner to add additional users.

Enter all necessary data and define a user colour. Click on the field permissions to decide which information the user can see and which not.

Finish the process by simply clicking on save.

Now you only have to send the log in data to the new user so that he can log in with his email address and password.

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