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How Hippovibe helped Isabelle Gerfer to optimise her horse management

Isabelle Gerfer's transition to Hippovibe's digital horse management software has revolutionised her stable operations, making them more efficient and organised.

Isabelle Gerfer's transition to Hippovibe's digital horse management software

Isabelle Gerfer, a distinguished equestrian professional, recently transitioned from traditional methods to digital solutions, thanks to Hippovibe’s horse management software. Her story showcases the significant improvements and efficiencies gained through this change.

Isabelle, who lives and works at Gut Wirtgeshof, manages 10 horses for riding and takes care of her clients and their horses. Before using Hippovibe, she organised everything in her head.

"When there were only two, three, or maybe four horses, it all worked. But when there were more horses, things got a bit lost, especially with the vaccinations," Isabelle explains.

With Hippovibe, Isabelle now has a centralised place to track and manage the health status of her horses. She has an overview of all the horses, which is crucial as her stable grows. The software helps her keep track of vaccinations, dental check-ups, and overall health, ensuring timely care and better competition planning.

"The tasks are clear, everyone in the team knows who has to do what, and also the vaccinations no longer get lost. I get push notifications when vaccinations are due, so I can't forget them anymore," says Isabelle.

Creating and managing training plans is now much easier with Hippovibe. Isabelle can design detailed training schedules and make adjustments in real-time. The software also improves communication within her team, providing centralised information, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring smooth operations.

Isabelle found Hippovibe’s user-friendly interface made the transition smooth. The time saved through automation allows her to focus more on training and caring for her horses. She highly recommends Hippovibe to other equestrians, regardless of the number of horses they manage.

"I would actually recommend Hippovibe to anyone, whether you have two or three horses or several horses for sale and competition horses, like I do. Simply to keep an overview of everything at all times so that nothing gets lost, no matter whether you have two or 10 or 50 horses."

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