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Hof am Eifgen - the stable of team Hippovibe

Behind the stable management software Hippovibe stands a team of horse people. And their equestrian home is called "Hof am Eifgen"

Hippovibe's exclusive test stable

Behind the stable management software Hippovibe stands a team of horse people. All marketing and sales employees of Hippovibe are also active at Hof am Eifgen. This means that the training and trading stable acts as a test stable for the software. Hippovibe constantly tests its product in practice and is at the source to pass on changes and improvements directly to the developers.

The Hof am Eifgen is a training and trading stable of the Schmitz-Heinen family close to Cologne, Germany. More than 30 commercial and private horses from the dressage and jumping sector find their home there. This requires a high degree of coordination and management.

Not only the coordination of the different stable areas, but also the combination of office and riding / care activities of the marketing and sales staff of Hippovibe represent a challenge. Jonas Schmitz-Heinen has found an optimal solution in the stable management software Hippovibe.

„Hippovibe has significantly improved our everyday life in the stable. Information can easily be bundled and passed on to the right people via mobile phone. I am happy to have integrated this software into the stable.“

In particular, the distribution of tasks for the employees of the various stable areas has been simplified. „The grooms already know in the morning what to do throughout the day and when we are coming out of the office to ride - even if none of us riders have been in the stable yet“, reports Daniel Oppermann, who on the one hand is responsible for the distribution of Hippovibe and on the other hand is one of the riders in the jumping stable of Hof am Eifgen.

If anything is changed or added during the day, the information is visible on the tablets placed in the barn. All team members of the Hof am Eifgen can also keep track of their work while on the move, as all tasks or data of the respective horses can be viewed or changed at any time and from anywhere with the app.

The work of grooms has changed to the extent that information no longer has to be gathered on different ways.

„Sometimes there was a WhatsApp message, a phone call or some info on one of the whiteboards. It was quite a mess and always unpleasant when you missed an info.“

In addition, at Hof am Eifgen some tasks are carried out across teams, others only in the respective stable area. For example, the equipping of the paddocks and the leading-machine is carried out across departments. The stable management software simplifies the planning and coordination of tasks. Superfluous ways for coordination are eliminated, resulting in more effective work.

In many occasions to internal communication, Hippovibe can also be used for communication with external persons or service providers. At Hof am Eifgen, the physiotherapist Gabi Kreft has been granted access rights for the health management of all horses so that she can enter findings and activity directly after each treatment.

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