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Elliott Gordon's showjumping stable - working with Hippovibe

In Sprockhövel, Germany, Elliott Gordon leads a top showjumping stable; initially reliant on a whiteboard, he now embraces Hippovibe, a digital horse management solution ensuring seamless organisation for his equine athletes, making it indispensable for his operations.

Elliott Gordon's showjumping stable: Working with Hippovibe

In the picturesque town of Sprockhövel, Germany, Elliott Gordon leads the charge at his esteemed showjumping stable. With a passion for horses and a commitment to excellence, Elliott strives to ensure top-notch care and organisation for his equine athletes.

Like many in the equestrian world, Elliott initially relied on a trusty whiteboard to manage the day-to-day tasks at the stable. However, as the demands of his operation grew, he found himself searching for a more efficient solution to keep things running smoothly, especially during his absences for shows or other commitments.

Enter Hippovibe – the digital answer to Elliott's organisational needs. With Hippovibe, Elliott now carries his whiteboard in his pocket, accessible on his phone wherever he goes. Whether it's scheduling daily tasks or planning for an entire week away, Hippovibe ensures that Elliott and his team are always on the same page.

For Elliott, the transition to Hippovibe wasn't immediate. It took some time to fully embrace the platform and learn its intricacies. However, once he got the hang of it, there was no turning back. Now, he can't imagine managing his stable without the digital horse management app Hippovibe by his side.

"It took me some time to be convinced and to know how to use it, but now I cannot imagine it without anymore," Elliott reflects.

With Hippovibe's intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Elliott can focus more on what matters most – the well-being and success of his horses. As he continues to push the boundaries of excellence in showjumping, Hippovibe remains his steadfast companion, ensuring that organisation is never out of reach.

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