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Digital transformation at Matthias Rath's Schafhof

Hippovibe software facilitates efficient horse management and task planning, streamlining processes and enhancing communication for Matthias Rath and the team at the Schafhof stud farm.

This is why Matthias Rath manages his horses digitally

The Schafhof stud farm is located in Kronberg in the Taunus and is home to around 60 horses. Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, her husband Klaus-Martin Rath and her stepson Alexander Rath breed dressage horses and train them from a young age up to Grand Prix level. The Schafhof also has its own stallion station. The approximately 12 employees at Schafhof work with the horse management software Hippovibe.

"Hippovibe helps to keep an overview of the horses. Both the horses at Schafhof and the horses at a second farm in Neuhaus, near Cuxhaven."

The horse overview and task planning are particularly important features for Matthias. "We use Hippovibe to plan the various tasks for the horses and create schedules for the employees so that we can communicate the processes to them," he reports.

As Matthias also travels a lot to competitions, it helps him enormously to have access to the software at any time and from anywhere. This makes it easy to make changes on the go via the app and the employees can see it on their mobile phones as well as on the large touchscreen in the stable.

Digital health management with Hippovibe also helps to find information more quickly and to always know when the next vaccinations, shoeing or deworming is due.

To summarise, Matthias emphasises that "Hippovibe is a great thing for us and makes everyday life much easier".

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